One of the leading causes of pet allergies are fleas. Yuck! These little external parasites can infest not only your pets, but they can also your home and yard too! With that we have answered a few commonly asked questions about these pesky little parasites, to help you prepare for flea season!

Fleas on the brain

Why do I have fleas?

Fleas are everywhere!! If you have any sort of wildlife in your yard or even near your property you could potentially have fleas in your yard. Fleas will hop on board of you or your pets to migrate indoors which is typically where your in-home infestations come from. Fleas can be transferred from pet to pet too! This can happen when your dog plays with another dog, or when your kitty cat is outdoors and encounters wildlife or other outdoor pets! Some flea infestations can come from your beloved neighbors if they have a flea infestation you run the risk of having the same issue!

Where can I find fleas?

Thankfully, humans are not host for fleas! This does not mean you won’t get bit or have a flea on you but we are not a true host! Fleas gravitate to dark dry places, like fur coats and furniture including rugs and curtains. Fleas will also thrive in wooded areas where they have plenty of host including squirrels, skunks, deer, racoons, ETC…

My pet does not go outside can they get fleas?

YES! Sadly, just because your pet is indoors strictly does not exempt them from the attach of the flea army! Again, fleas can hitch a ride on you to get indoors. Fleas do not discriminate when it comes to indoor or outdoor pets!

Can I get rid of a flea problem?

Of course! Flea problems can be a pain and a lengthy treatment but, TRUST THE PROCESS!!!! Remember it will work so just stick to it! First treating the home and all pets inside and out! Treat your yard too! Treating all areas of your home inside and out is your road to a flea free home! YES, we said lengthy the flea life cycle is roughly 100 days. It can take anywhere from 3-5 month to completely resolve a flea issue within a home. Sometimes sooner but on average 3 months to resolve an issue!

What do I treat my pets with for fleas?

Monthly flea prevention is recommended to control the outbreak of these little pest. There are a variety of flea preventions available for most all budgets! The flea prevention that we highly recommend is Nexgard for your canine companions, one simple savory chew for 30 days of protection! For your feline companions we recommend Frontline GOLD and Advantage MULTI for cats! All these products have provided our clients with the most protection against the infestation of fleas!