March is Poison Prevention Month

March is designated to bring awareness to pet owners about potentially poisonous objects that exist in and around your home. Knowing what these toxins are can help keep your beloved pets safe. Some of these toxins are obvious and others not so much. So, our goal is to bring to light the top 10 poisonous things to keep your pets from encountering. If your pets eats any of these listed below, please be sure to reach out to your local veterinarian or take your pet to the closest pet emergency room.


Itch, Itch, Scratch, Scratch

One of the leading causes of pet allergies are fleas. Yuck! These little external parasites can infest not only your pets, but they can also your home and yard too! With that we have answered a few commonly asked questions about these pesky little parasites, to help you prepare for flea season!

Fleas on the brain